What Is The Best GoPro? Compare GoPro Cameras.

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What Is The Best GoPro?



Man GoPro has outdone themselves this time, we’ve all been waiting for it. What is the best GoPro?

We all were ready for the GoPros to be upgraded again, GoPro listened and they keep impressing us time and time again.

Comparing the Newest GoPro Cameras I realized it was gonna be hard to pick a winner. Both of these cameras have advantages over the other one.



I just have to say GoPro thank you, there’s nothing more enjoyable than catching something epic because a GoPro was lying around.

I mean it seems like nowadays everybody has a cool GoPro, whenever we go snowboarding we make sure them with us.

Or we bring out the GoPro camera whenever we are in the backyard hanging out with my nieces and nephews, like when we are playing a crazy baseball game in the backyard with fence post bats.



Sometimes we are rippin the quads and dirt bikes around. Its always fun getting with the family and pulling out the GoPro, its good memories we want to remember.

GoPro has upgraded its features once again and they are listing the hero 8 black is for just under $400 at the moment and the GoPro Max is selling for under $500.



I can’t say that’s a bad price at all because these are fantastic cameras they have great video quality the audios upgraded, they’re durable as hell and they’ve been proven through crash after crash.

I lost one of my GoPros while skydiving, it was a bummer and a good laugh. I don’t think anybody ever found that one I do know, it was over a cow field out in Oregon I doubt its broken.

It just fell right off the wrist but that’s my fault because I forgot to clip it into its case all the way before I jumped from the plane.



Compare GoPro Cameras.


Alright lets jump into this and compare GoPro models right now.



The GoPro Hero 8 black has a 12MP+ Super photo with improved HDR while Go Pro Max has 16.6MP 360 photo 5.5MP HERO mode photo. You have a couple options to think about, both of which are good options.

The GoPro Hero 8 black has live burst which records the moments one and a half seconds before and after you take your photo so you can choose the best frame for the perfect photo you want to keep or one of your crazy shareable videos. GoPro Max does not have live burst.



The GoPro Max has 270 degree 6.2 megapixel panoramic photo which takes incredible photos distortion-free including motion shots and sweet selfies. GoPro Hero 8 black does not have panoramic photo.

GoPro Hero 8 black has super photo which intelligently applies HDR automatically and reduces noise to optimize your shots. While GoPro Max does not have super photo.



GoPro Max has 5.6 K 30 spherical video well GoPro Hero 8 black does not have spherical video.

GoPro Max has reframe with the GoPro app, GoPro Hero 8 black does not have reframe.




What Is GoPro Reframe?


reframe allows you to easily reframe any 360 footage into traditional videos and photos to playback share or edit.




GoPro Hero 8 has 4K 60 video while GoPro Max has hero mode 1440p60/ 1080p 60.

GoPro HERO 8 Black has 100 Mbps bit rate 2.7 k/4k.

Both GoPros have removable batteries. GoPro HERO 8 Black is waterproof up to 33 feet, GoPro Max is waterproof up to 16 ft.



GoPro Hero 8 black has frameless mounting with folding fingers. GoPro Max frameless mounting with folding fingers as well.

GoPro Hero 8 black has black mods, GoPro Max does not have hero 8 black mods

GoPro Hero 8 black is touch screen GoPro Max’s is touch screen.



GoPro Hero 8 black has video stabilization hypersmooth 2.0, GoPro Max has video stabilization Max hypersmooth.

GoPro Hero 8 black has Horizon leveling with GoPro app, GoPro Max has Horizon leveling on camera+ with GoPro app.






There is an GoPro camera comparison chart found on the GoPro website and now that GoPro is getting into broadening development, lots of people are making GoPro camera comparisons.


If you ever thought about making a GoPro camera camera comparison and want to get into owning websites, you could compare Go Pros and make your own GoPro comparison chart.


GoPro Hero 8 black has time warp video Time Warp 2.0 GoPro Max has time warp video max time warp. For super stable time-lapse videos while an activity is moving around.



What Is Time Warp?


With Time Warp adjust speed based on its motion, the scene detection and lighting. Automatically for hero 8 black and in hero mode for using the Max, if you want you can slow down the effect 2 real time then tap it back to speed up.



With digital lenses FOV you can frame your shot easy just tapping on any new digital lens.

GoPro Hero 8 black superview, wide, linear, narrow GoPro Max superview wide linear narrow.

GoPro Hero 8 black has raw photo capture on all photo modes, GoPro Max no raw photo capture.



Only the GoPro Hero 8 black comes pre-loaded with recommended video presets that are recommended slow-mo shot for standard and cinematic.

With the GoPro Hero 8 black you can customize screen shortcuts, the GoPro Max you can customize screen shortcuts as well.



GoPro Hero 8 black has voice control so you can go hands-free, GoPro Max has voice control as well.

GoPro Hero 8 black has wake on voice commands to turn your GoPro on or start recording it lasts an hour after powering off. GoPro Max does not have wake on voice commands.



GoPro Hero 8 black has time-lapse video GoPro Max has time-lapse video.

GoPro Hero 8 black has night lapse video GoPro Max does not have night Lapse video.

GoPro Hero 8 black has 8x slow mo while GoPro Max has the HERO mode 2x.



GoPro Hero 8 black has live streaming at 1080p GoPro Hero Max has live streaming at 1080p.

GoPro Hero 8 black has GPS GoPro Max has GPS.



GoPro Hero 8 blacks has smart technology knows when you’re facing the camera when you smile and more if you leave those details in the app take your best shot for you and create an Awesome videos. GoPro Max has advanced metadata in hero mode only



GoPro Hero 8 black has Protune so you can manually control color shutter speed white valances and more. GoPro Max has protune as well.

GoPro Hero 8 black is protective housing capable.



GoPro Hero 8 black has a GP1 Chip GoPro Hero Max has GP1 Chip it’s basically a chip design for stabilization to improve image quality like never before.

GoPro Hero 8 black has Auto Cloud backup included with GoPro Plus subscription. GoPro  Max has Auto Cloud backup included with GoPro Plus subscription.




GoPro HERO 8 Black has advanced wind noise reduction with three mic processing, GoPro Max Has Advanced wind noise reduction with 6 mic processing.

GoPro Hero 8 black has stereo audio GoPro Max has premium performance.



GoPro Hero 8 black does not have 360 audio 6 mic capture, the GoPro Max has 360 audio 6 mic capture it is the best sound ever from GoPro .

GoPro Hero 8 black Hydra audio capture.Wav format. GoPro Max has raw audio capture hero mode only.wav format.d



What is raw audio capture? audio capture Creates a separate.wav file for your videos, as well as the standard.mp4 audio track.

GoPro Hero 8 black has a 3.5 mm Audio Mic in with media mod for hero 8 black or with Pro 3.5 mm mic adapter. GoPro Max does not have 3.5 mm Audio Mic in.



GoPro Hero 8 black has Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, GoPro Max has Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.

GoPro Hero 8 black connects to the GoPro app GoPro Max connects to the GoPro app.

GoPro Hero 8 black Auto uploads to the cloud with GoPro Plus subscription GoPro Auto uploads to cloud with GoPro Plus subscription.



GoPro Hero 8 black has GPS to capture location speeds altitude add stickers in video, GoPro Max has GPS to capture location speed altitude at stickers in video as well.

GoPro Hero 8 black has HDMI video out with media mod for hero 8 black. GoPro Max does not have HDMI video out.



After making a Comparison GoPro Cameras List of the GoPro Hero 8 black vs GoPro Max. I realized that I like both of them for a lot of different useful reasons.

Putting myself on the spot at the end of this article and if I had to choose what I would want first it would probably be the GoPro Max.



The GoPro Max Is My Choice, simply to test GoPro audio capabilities fully and GoPro 360 too but you definitely want to get the GoPro Hero 8 shortly after to get into other GoPro benefits.

Really the best thing to do would be to try out the one that makes you want to play and let me know in the comments what you liked about it.



Its time for me to go put together a post to compare GoPro camera hero models or another one of my future GoPro comparison reviews.

I will be back soon, have a look around my website see if you can spot something you like.





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7 thoughts on “What Is The Best GoPro? Compare GoPro Cameras.

  1. Awesome information on your Post about Go Pros. I really don’t have much understanding about cameras and the extras that they come with and what I actually need.I travel a lot and usually just use my phone as a camera, but unfortunately I am limited where I can use it as my phones not good near water and has limited battery life. Thanks for the input on the GoPro might have to get one.

    1. Your Welcome Marc i’m glad i could help out. Its sweet to hear your a traveler that’s one of my passions. See you on the road.

  2. The cameras that have been reviewed here have their strong points and also a bit of the downsides too.

    trust me, the strong points outweigh the downsides. Having read through the qualities and all, I feel the gopro max is the best because it seems to have a much better Sound and advanced 360 performance for my needs. Thanks

  3. Hey Codey! I am so glad I found this article, I never know what to get the men in my life and this has given me some more ideas. I know my son would love this because he is in the music business and loves taking videos of all the places he goes to and his concerts. It sounds perfect. 

    I like the Max best as well after looking at the comparison they are close in function with the 8 having a few more and different ones than the Max.

     I have bookmarked this page and will return to see what other gifts I may be able to find to complete my Christmas list for all the men in my life. Thanks for helping me.



  4. I just got through another of your reviews on the GoPro Hero 8 and had decided that it was the replacement camera for a couple of older models that I have used for ages, but now I am having second thoughts. I may go ahead and get the Hero 8 and also buy the  GoPro Max as a secondary camera.

    The reason is that I then would have the right camera available no matter the situation, lighting conditions, or what I am trying to capture. I like the features the GoPro Max offers and do think it will work well. Since I am replacing two cameras, I can add these two and be upgraded completely.

    With the varied features that they offer between, I will be able to create a wide variety of videos for my followers and of course for home and personal use also. The kids can have fun with the older cameras, while I have fun with these two new ones! Thanks, and so glad I stopped by here today!

  5. I love taking pictures and capturing moments. I have been wanting to invest in a camera to take with me on my random adventures. I absolutely love this article and found it helpful. You definitley made it easier to decide which GoPro would work best for me. Thanks for the helpful tips. 👍

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