My Husband Needs A Hobby, I Need A Hobby, Is Airsoft The Best?

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It doesn’t matter how people jam it into the key board, misspell it all you want.

Google knows Airsoft is a blast and it makes sure to direct you to your new hobby.

If you are new to airsoft, I have to tell you


The Biggest Thing That I Regret About Airsoft?


Is Not Getting Into Airsoft A Lot Sooner.


A lot of us who have tried paintball converted, I was at one of the guys who got into paintball first. I didn’t compare paintball vs airsoft first like I should have.

My friends and I spent a ton of money on Paintball tanks, paintball CO2 gas, expensive paintballs and a ton of time cleaning paint from our guns.

Don’t get me wrong I freakin love paintball but Airsoft just needed a bit of a upgrade from its early years, Airsoft needed to become higher quality and it did and now i’m here full time.

Now we are in modern Airsoft times and they are so incredibly crazy, yeah that’s right I said incredibly crazy because it is. They have super realistic Snipers, Shotguns, Grenades, Mines, Pistols everything in between.


What else I regret about not getting into airsoft sooner.


I Haven’t Started My Airsoft Website Yet.


I am however going to add airsoft posts to this website as one of The many Best Gifts For Guys.

Don’t worry I put that on my goal list. Soon you’ll be able to see my airsoft websites up and it’ll be totally dedicated to everything Airsoft but that’s for the future.

Right now let’s get into some airsoft talk and


Why I Recommend Airsoft?


It’s One Of The Best Gifts For Guys That Anyone Can Give Them.


I’m adding a few posts right now to make up for lost time. I strongly feel that every guy and girl out there should get an airsoft rifle or pistol at least.

It’s fun and it’s the best way to train yourself how to use a real weapon. Airsoft guns are extremely realistic in operation and feel that you can get high quality shooting practice without breaking the bank.

 Men and women all over the world are getting into better shape. They’re taking care of their diet, taking care of their children, they are using care with their emotions and everything else inside of their life.

One thing that is trending and people are adding to their list of hobbies is airsoft. A lot of people are actually taking back up the hobby of shooting weapons and educating themselves on their constitutional rights.

There’s a little controversy in shooting weapons though because a rifle is manufactured to kill people if needed, that’s what its designed to do and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

But this is airsoft and it’s the younger sibling to real combat. Hopefully we never have to resort to battle but if it’s what happens then we need to be capable at a moments notice.

We all love each other for the most part, I expect we will continue to defend each other from others that wanted to do harm on them.


Airsoft is the best way to practice shooting.


Because you get extremely accurate with any weapon for really cheap. We see how much money is saved on ammunition when comparing real weapons vs airsoft counterparts.

I don’t think the airsoft accessories and weapons are intended to be cheaply made, just less expensive to purchase gun and bb’s in order to keep you shooting fully auto all day with no sweat. They’re are very high quality and extremely realistic depending on the gun.

You’re going to get a lot of realistic practice nearly anytime, anywhere on any target “in a safe area”.  You can get some hyper realistic/accurate add-on’s for most any type of Rifle and Pistol.

Essentially you’re getting the real weapon in the airsoft version. Saving all this money and shooting bb’s instead of expensive ammo allows you to practice longer adding extra variables into training and implement them into your practice session.

You want to practice on all kinds of targets to get your quick site aim. For the fastest airsoft shooting you want to move fast and aim slow.



How To Shoot Fast?

Move Fast Aim Slow.


Target identified, butt stock in the shoulder nook, forehand assisting the trigger hand in leveling the rifle up and tight locked with your body. Your finishing lifting the barrel on target, simultaneously lowering you cheek forward and down as weapon finds its final contact resting position.

Bring your eye inline down the barrel sights on the target your other eye still opened, your trained to have selective vision while keeping aware of your surroundings.

Trigger elbow is close to body keeping things tight while still maintaining body fluidity, breath is at upper point of relaxed inhale.

At the exact moment all actions from training are applied timed together, your trigger finger is also sliding into position gentle pressure, cheek contacts weapon, eye hit sight alignment on target BANG Target down. Immediately restart scene with area scan for secondary targets.

All of this happens so fast and it’s one hell of an adrenaline rush.


Check Out The best Airsoft Kit WW3 Here.


That was a little off topic I will get into how to shoot accurate later and I’ll do another thing about speed, accuracy and how to shoot better with a rifle or pistol if you guys want me to do something like that.

For now if you don’t want to have a real weapon in the house or maybe you want to get your children into being more active with hobbies, understanding the mechanics of a weapon is a perfect fun pastime for anyone.

The best way to protect people is to teach people and we all know that education is power.



Knowledge is power so you want to teach something powerful to your children, so they have the opportunity to use and harness the power correctly in the future if needed.

Getting into airsoft is necessary, I believe is 100% it’s one of the best hobbies and the most inexpensive hobbies you can get into. The bb’s are cheap for $30 you can get 10, 000 bb’s online.

I don’t know how much you plan to shoot, I shot all the time and I went through 5000 BB’s in over a week.

If your thinking to yourself “I need a new hobby” then don’t worry airsoft is fun and airsoft is the best.

I’m a hobbyist who’s crazy about fun, there’s only like 10 hobbies that I hold close in my life and I would say one of them is airsoft and I know everybody else will get a kick out of it too

I hope you enjoy and help teach the fear of weapons out of people, we need more sheepdogs here to help protect each other at a moment notice.


Alright I’m hungry again see you later.


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