Lancer Tactical Airsoft, Lancer Tactical M4 Lancer, The Best Airsoft Starter Rifle

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Lancer Tactical Airsoft M4

The Best Airsoft Starter Rifle



I definitely have to say the best AEG airsoft gun and possibly the worlds best airsoft gun ever, is the LT – 19  and SPR by Lancer Tactical the Generation 2 Lancer Tactical entry-level M4 Carbine 10 inch keymod AEG rifle.

This is an affordable rifle and this thing is freaking awesome. When I pulled it out of the package the first thing I noticed was it feels exactly like my real M4.

It’s incredible it’s ridiculous the way everything functions, It feels the same the way, It looks is the same, It holds in your hand with the same comfortable feeling.



Even the dust cover pops open every time you rack the bolt back just like it is in real life.

Under the Realistic dust cover is the adjustable hop-up to put more or less backspin on the bb which determines how long and slow it floats through the air before it drops.

The whole weapon has a super lightweight ABS construction from the first generation but it’s been reinforced with nylon polymer, so it has extra reinforcement strength.

It’s got a full metal outer barrel so that it won’t tarnish, all this combined really protects everything internally and makes it super efficient.



Also you should mount your favorite choice of Red Dot sights or your magnifier scopes or your flashlight/laser, whatever you want to add it’s super easy.

This is also a great Close Quarters combat Rifle because the stock is a fully adjustable crane stock. You can have the rifle extended for better accuracy and just running around longer range shooting.

If your going into a building you just retract the butt stock down and it shortens the length of the rifle, makes sweeping around corners a lot quicker and getting on target a snap.

One of the greatest things that the airsoft Lancer Tactical did with their M4 Carbine was the upgraded that gearbox and internals.





Now you can just have a quick change spring gearbox that in any situation when you want to switch it over to change your feet per second you can.

Changing how fast it’ll shoot going from close quarter combat to outdoor military simulated combat all you have to do is pop out your gear box and throw the new one in.

It comes with a ported piston head and it maintains a really nice tight are compression so you don’t have to worry about that, its a fantastic upgrade.

It also includes it’s 6.03 mm tightbore barrel and you can’t get any better than that when you’re trying to make accurate shots you need a tight Barrel.



The gearbox was upgraded with metal gears and makes it super efficient, the teeth in along the cylinder or all metal and that’s what you want because the motor is upgraded and is even faster.

Lancer Tactical creator of the best starter airsoft guns decided that they wanted us to be able to shoot more accurate at longer ranges.

They decided to put a metal inner Barrel on their weapons and I think that was good of them to the to do that for us.

It also has an easy access battery and that you just pop off the back of your butt stock and your battery comes right in and out from there.



The battery is already set up with some low resistance wiring, that way you won’t have any damage from high voltage batteries and you want to use a high voltage battery none of the wiring will be able to get damaged when you have a low resistance wiring.

The benefits all that is that it makes you trigger a lot more sensitive and say you’ll feel like you’re trigger response is real real Snappy.

This weapon is electric automatic so that means it’s going to be a lot better weapon all around more accurate better response.



You’re going to want that responds with LT-19 starter airsoft guns shooting at 330 – 395fps muzzle velocity and shooting with .20BB’s.

I really like how it the selector functions just like a real one does, we have semi-automatic fully automatic and a functional safety.

I popped my 300 round high capacity mag in to the Lancer Tactical M4 and I throw my 9. 6 volt nunchuck battery in it and I can shoot like crazy it’s such a good time.



The inner barrel length is 1 foot 2.2″ and that’s just about perfect size, it’s not too short not too long and it does everything I need.

I’m the type of guy who likes to go shoot Close Quarters Battle airsoft rifles and long-distance airsoft rifles so I want a gun that can do both.

When I’m shooting long-distance all I got to do is rack back my bolt and it pops open the dust cover and I can slide my adjustable hop up either up or down, if I want my bb to have a backspin on it and to shoot farther I can adjust it in there.



If I want to put Less backspin on the bb so it shoot doesn’t  curve up as fast, I can do that as well and all that does is it keeps it floating in the air a little bit longer with the more backspin you put on it.

The overall length is 31″ when the adjustable crane stock is retracted and 34. 5″ when it’s fully extended.

I definitely recommend, if you want the best accuracy out of this rifle along with the best performance you’re going to want to get 20g or heavier Gold Ball Pro Slick bb’s.




I recommend Gold Ball Pro Slick bb’s because they’re extremely consistent from the factory they’re smooth and you’ll never have inconsistent bb’s.

Running the proper bb’s is important for just shooting in general and learning how to shoot your Lancer Tactical Airsoft better or playing in competition, whatever you’re doing it’s a lot funner if that’s even a word but it’s a lot funner to shoot a bullseye.

While Looking for starter airsoft guns, I found lots of Lancer Tactical airsoft gun making their run for the money. After hard thought I realized it was a no brainer, the best starter airsoft gun i already owned.



My very first starter airsoft rifle the LT-19 I couldn’t have come up with a better recommendation for the best starter airsoft gun, other than the LT-19 generation 2 Lancer tactical entry level M4 carbine 10 inch keymod AEG rifle with the Lancer Tactical pdw as your secondary CQB rifle.

I had a great time writing this article I really hope you enjoyed it I hope you read some of my other post go ahead and comment down below what your favorite Airsoft rifle is or pistol is and go have a good time.


Talk to you guys later.

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  1. Nice! I’ve been looking at maybe getting a Lancer Tactical M4 as my first airsoft rifle. The one I have had my sights on the most however is a Dragunov sniper rifle, maybe the full metal but it’s pretty expensive so hence why I’ve also been looking at a more affordable entry point such as the M4 Lancer. What size grain BBs does the M4 Lancer take? I can’t remember at the moment. Cool site I just found it, will bookmark it for sure!

  2. WOW, great article,

    Looks like this is an awesome airsoft has a 6.03 mm tight bore barrel that is great for shooting accurately. You explained everything we needed to know and everything about Lancer Tactical Airsoft guns before buying. Soon I will buy one for myself

    I like to shoot long distance bb targets and need a good beginner gun, you have grate tips to achieve it. using this Rifle I will be able to feel super cool getting realistic experience!

    Thank you for sharing valuable information.keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the post I was amazed how good the Lancer Tactical Airsoft M4 looks. This certainly would make a good gift for those who like to play with guns and shoot at things. I think this gun will make for hours of fun. I think the prices are quite reasonable too. I’m glad I came across your site plenty of great ideas. Thanks for the Post.

  4. So can this be the top 5 gifts for awesome ladies to, because I picture myself holding one of these bad boys, I’ll get my hubby a little pistol. Lol
    Good idea!

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