GoPro Hero8 Review, GoPro Max Reviews

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Compare Gopros, Gopro Black vs Gopro Max



How to compare GoPros is easy, if your about to purchase the new GoPro just ask someone who bought it Already and get their opinion.

Your gonna want to find the best GoPro review.

No need to worry. I have taken the time use GoPro, research GoPro and many opinions. I’m here to give you my review on GoPro cameras.

Lets dive straight into the Best Hero 8 and GoPro Max review.



Review GoPro Hero 8 Black


GoPro Is and always will be the most popular portable professional quality action camera, we all know this.

Anyone is a entertained with GoPro and the possibilities it contains, as soon as you have yours in your hand you will feel a rush of inspiration.

You will hold the reality of being able to create the future with what you record today.



Some Pros


If your downhill mountain biking or walking your daughter down the isle and her crying grandpa cant keep the GoPro still.

No worries with HyperSmooth 2.0 shake all you want Hypersmooth will keep up. Also get your 4K HDR memory card So you can use GoPro 4K resolutions.






Just swap lenses with a breeze and go super wide frame then back to a narrow lens.

Its Smoother tighter feeling, hinge improvement & permanent mount super convenient when your trying to live life and not scramble for every good shot.

Command your GoPro while in action without having to stop and start your show on the “cameras time”, just tell it to turn on.. “look mom no hands”.

My brother in law has a Yellow Lab that will dive up to 10 ft for any diving toy. Gopro is so tough that it will handle 33 ft deep water, that’s further than his dog could retrieve.




Few Cons


 Make sure you have higher battery levels when taking important footage, I need to test the battery a few more times to extent to learn how to estimate usage.

I always want a bigger screen to touch and swipe easier in the field on crappy weather days.


 I like this GoPro.

You will need a Microphone and other audio accessories for the most professional quality audio for your footage.

Easy to find in the mall even easier to have shipped to your doorstep online.



We All Want The Botom Line



The Hero 8 has so many satisfied purchasers, it’s easily the best action camera you can buy.

The GoPro has been beat up and put through the ringer by my battle buddies, me and the whole world. It’s almost as tough as my little brother but hes tougher.

When we where younger I video taped him attempting a backflip on his BMX bike. The problem was he was peddling like Lance Armstrong fast, down this gravel hill full speed at a 8 inch crappy wooden ramp.



G flew he was shoulder height and upside down, he contacted shoulders first followed by his back and slid like a water slide shirtless on gravel.

Well i’m an ass cause I didn’t have battery and couldn’t record but the moment was then or never. Damn i love my little Bro that was Epic.

From submerging GoPro in the rivers to camping national forests, GoPro is tough as hard plastic nails could ever be. This GoPro is no princess, she’s a beast with attitude and the world loves her.



Don’t let how tough GoPro is fool you although it is deep rooted in GoPro Action sports, this camera is high quality even if you needed senior pictures.

That gives me an idea. Just buy yourself a GopPro and use it to take your kids graduation video. If you don’t like the GoPro after having an excuse to use it, just give your graduate that one and buy yourself the other GoPro you wanted.






GoPro Max




I like how the GoPro Max is covered in a rubber body, has a convenient expanded tripod and is great for interviews or creating a very interesting view of you and maybe the road ahead of your long board.

 “HyperSmooth Stabilization,” with the “Horizon leveling” system, the GoPro senses the horizon and self levels for great stable footage especially needed while moving at any speed.



I like to edit fast because I don’t have a lot of time to be trying to make a masterpiece in half an hour but it happens.

360 screen is a good feature in the app, you can transfer you photos and videos via the app and Iphone.






1080p video is good I cant complain its not 4k. Its still 1080p though and that’s good.

Six microphones is a genius idea and helps us so much with getting good audio. This feature keep me from needing to worry about using a mic and other noise canceling devices.



It picks up clean audio and its satisfying actually hearing words spoken on the beach. AlsoMax has a 270-degree panoramic feature with the pro, I haven’t used it yet but I think the footage online looks great.




The looks and use of the forward and rear facing camera is a con and you must protect your screens.  To vloggers and athletes this could be a pro though.

Don’t shoot to close either, you wont be able see a detailed dragon fly wing every time, not having 4k doesn’t help.



If lighting is brighter from one side the exposure must compensate, so ensure you have even lighting unless going for the effect.

Footage looks better in fisheye and sometimes that’s annoying. 24-60fps 180-1440p could be better.







Screen stays on for a second longer then I wish, battery killer. I haven’t tested how deep the GoPro max will go, comment if you know thanks. round your 360 frames.

 Need to get an extra battery, i’m sure touchscreen plays a role also to much reading and signing up with this GoPro.





Bottom Line:_____



I prefer to use another GoPro for shooting during dusk, if one of our rafting trips runs into the dark flashlights wont be enough light.

This camera is great for the hiker vlogger or something like that for sure hands down although every vlogger knows having two cameras running multiple angles is the best for usable content.

Video editing software was fun to play around with in the app seemed pretty simple. I might use that in the future although I don’t know how in depth the editing software allows you to go.



I think the lenses are great and 360 is a killer option for doing shows or sharing something in a 360 interactive feeling instructional how to video. Not having 4k kinda sucks a bit but the camera is great and i recommend it absolutely.





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2 thoughts on “GoPro Hero8 Review, GoPro Max Reviews

  1. Thanks for the great review of the GoPro Hero 8 in the GoPro Max series of cameras. This one seems like the ideal option for a gift or for my own use. I love the GoPros and have two already that I am looking at replacing. The old ones are not going to waste, each of my two daughters will get one.

    In my search for the best replacement for the two old cameras, I came across your website and article and I am glad I did. You have laid out clearly the pros and cons of the Hero 8 GoPro camera, and there are a lot more pros than cons which makes the decision easy. 

    Although you mention it is not ideal for shots during the dusk hours, that is not a factor that will dissuade me. I have checked on the price and think it is also reasonable for what you get. You have saved me time and I appreciate that. I now know what I am going to buy.

  2. Nice review on the GoPro Hero8 and the GoPro Max. I’ve been thinking of upgrading my GoPro for awhile now as I got an older one thats pretty beat up. Heres my problem though: I am an avid airsoft player and I want to take it to field with me but of course I don’t want to break it when they do cost a nice bit of the moniez lol. In your time spent reviewing the Hero8 and the GoPro Max do you know which one could take an airsoft BB and not break? Thanks I appreciate your opinion.

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