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The Best Coffee Beans! & More


Hey guys I’m sitting here working on my website, thinking shoot what is the best gift for guys?

Also I’m wondering how much caffeine can kill you and how much caffeine will kill you?

That’s when it dawned on me how tired I was. I needed to figure out where to buy coffee online? I didn’t have any desire to run to the store.


The best coffee is Death Wish Coffee, it’s the only way I can keep on this most productive work schedule.

Right now I’m working 30 hrs on 15 hrs off for a week while I’m working on my projects.

It’s 3:26 a.m. So it’s not the time right now for me to be wondering where to buy coffee pods of Death Wish coffee? The strongest K-Cup coffee.


The thing I like about death wish coffee keeps you accelerated and focused. I also like its strong and delicious flavors.

I’m finding a bunch of mixed message answers to how much caffeine kill you?

One website says drinking more than 687 mg a day can increase the risk of heart attack by 44%.


I guess it did happen before a 16yr old in South Carolina died from caffeine overdose.

Here’s the thing, he died from stuff that was crap. He had a latte from McDonald’s and energy drink and a large Mountain Dew within the span of 2 hours.

I don’t know maybe it was because the guy, being he’s only 16 maybe he wasn’t fully developed and had been eating and drinking large amounts of s*** for years.


Maybe younger people shouldn’t have such a bad diet any ways.

This gives me no resolution to the question of can coffee kill you? It only makes me want a Deathwish Cold Brew.


How To Make The Best Coffee?


Use the best coffee brand

Or a combination of the best coffee brands, create your own flavor.


Okay I think I found a better answer One Source says about 10 grams but varies some person to person.

It says you would have to drink around 30NH energy drinks rapidly to reach 10 grams.

It also says you have acute systems symptoms of caffeine toxicity starting with nausea and vomiting so I’m sure you’d stop drinking coffee about that time.


There’s a really cool Death Caffeine Calculator that shows how much caffeine is safe to drink and how much coffee would kill you based on your body weight.

All you have to do is enter the drink and your body weight. Check them out at caffeine informer.

I’m not affiliated with them but I thought you might want to see what your calculations are.


Alright time for me to go to start a cup of coffee and order more coffee now that I know where buy Death Wish coffee.

The world’s strongest coffee, world domination here I come! Must drink coffee and use less spell check on late nights.

Enjoy your cups of coffee. What is the world’s strongest coffee? Deathwish coffee!

Thank you for reading my late night illusions.




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13 thoughts on “Death Coffee Company, Deathwish Best Coffee Beans Online.

  1. I LOVE coffee, but have never tried Death Wish coffee. I see that it is certified organic which is always what I am looking for when purchasing coffee!

    Thanks for the info!

    1. You have got to try it, everyone has their own flavor of taste but I think Deathwish coffee is tasty and strong, it’s what I need in my life. Thank you for stopping by fresh post are up all the time, see you later Amma.

  2. Death Wish coffee is an awesome brand of coffee I dig it a lot man! One thing I love to do is mix together Death Wish coffee with Black Rifle Coffee Company and have a nice big hot cup of manliness! lol. But seriously its good stuff and mixes really well and it will put hair on your chest 😉 So yeah I highly recommend Death Wish and Black Rifle coffee.

  3. Death wish coffee is the bomb! Seriously good and strong. Took awhile before I tried it and I wish I had found it sooner. Reminds me of the coffee in the pilots lounge in the airport terminals back when I was younger, tastes great too- bold and robust. Perfect for working my 16 plus hour day.

  4. Hi! I really enjoy coffee. But always in very small amounts. Something I discovered recently, is that coffee my kids keep stealing my coffee. I still remember drinking a cup of coffee every morning before going to primary school. It’s something my children are starting to do. LOL. I’ve never tried Death wish coffee. I’ll give it a try and tell you what I think.

  5. Working without coffee seems imposible to me nowadays. I always like a cup of good coffee in the morning and several at night when I have to work late. I have heard good reviews about Death wish coffee. So your post has also encouraged me to purchase one and try it myself. Thanks.

  6. This Death Wish Coffee is an ideal gift for a few of my colleagues who are workaholics like I am. They are always looking for a strong brew of coffee that will give them a jolt and allow them to continue on with the work unabated. They will get a kick out of the name too.

    Will they deliver the coffee anywhere? The friends are in Thailand, Germany, and Japan, while I am in Dubai. If I am going to get a gift for each of them, I need to get one for myself as well. If I hurry, hopefully, they can get the packages before Christmas! 

    We all love coffee so I am looking forward to getting their reactions when they open the box and see what a surprise I have sent them! Thanks for this great gift tip, I can cross these people off my list, and it is still early November. Lots of shopping left to do however, I better get busy! 

    1. Sure thing this coffee is available anywhere mail can be delivered. I’m a workaholic myself so i know your colleagues will enjoy this Strong coffee.

  7. Hi, Codey.
    Thanks for sharing your views on Death Wish Coffee- I appreciate it as I am an avid lover of coffee. The word coffee itself rings bell in my mind and the virtual strong smell force me to get one immediately. So how do you prepare it, I blend it with little milk for 5 to 10 minutes and then add hot water. It becomes awesome with refreshing steam on it.
    I will be definitely going for Death wish coffee in my next purchase.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Glad you enjoyed my post. That’s the goal, I love coffee and love Deathwish so i’m glad your going to give it a try. You will Love Deathwish coffee.

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