Best Airsoft World War 3 Prep, Is There Going To Be A World War 3?

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Best Airsoft World War 3 Prep,

Best Airsoft Gear Kit.


Is there going to be a World War 3? Who knows?

Hopefully there won’t ever be a WW3 but in the meantime we might as well have fun getting familiar with airsoft weapons and what gear airsoft requires.

I put together a beginner airsoft kit in another post and here I give you everything you need to prepare for World War 3 and everything you need to get started fully prepped out for Airsoft.

My Essential Airsoft Gear List is made up of the best airsoft gear equipment and airsoft gun kits, this list is also great airsoft gear for kids and not just another cheap airsoft gear kit list.

This airsoft gear is essential airsoft gear for the person wanting to know “how to airsoft?”

Imagine a bunch of airsoft stuff hit the fan and you’r thrown into an epic battle, you’re going to have some sort of airsoft Fortress that you want to hold down and protect.

You would want to protect the airsoft girl or you might have airsoft girls protecting you with the


What Is The Biggest Airsoft Gun?

Evike EMG M1919 WW2 American automatic Squad support weapon.


Now this is exactly the kind of high power sniper that you want when your tucked up in a room somewhere.


What Is The Best Airsoft Sniper rifle?

Evike CheyTac Licensed M200 Intervention Realistic Cycling Action Custom Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Defending the home base your going to be sending so many airsoft BBs out that window nobody’s going to even want to step onto the airsoft battlefield.

There’s going to be a time where you going to have to leave the squad support weapon behind that’s when you’re going to grab your


What Is The Best Airsoft Guns?

Classic Army LMG M249 Saw Airsoft Machine Gun


If you really want to be laying down some crazy cover fire with your airsoft M249 saw then you’re going to want to have your extra Mag Box with you.

You’re going to come into Close Quarters airsoft Battle and need to use your secondary rifle this is going to one of your smaller airsoft guns allowing you to maneuver around corners and in tight areas really quickly.

You won’t have to change the related position of your body to your short airsoft gun in super tight areas. You can swing around in any hallway making getting on your airsoft targets quick and convenient.

This is my recommendation for a close-quarters combat rifle. Be the fastest airsoft killshot on the planet with the


What Is The Best Airsoft SMG?

Evike USA license krytac Kriss Vector – airsoft AEG SMG rifle.





This could definitely be my the coolest airsoft gun, really I love to shoot. And damn right guys and gals can love to shoot!

It’s top mounting rail let’s you mount your red dot scope airsoft and to the bottom rail your Airsoft gun Light  or Laser you will like it’s ambidextrous fire selector where you can have two round burst, semi or fully automatic airsoft firing modes and safety to toggle through.

You have to be able to shoot around corners, left and right handed that’s just the best way to learn how to shoot airsoft it’s the best airsoft war tactics.

In any situation you want to be able to shoot airsoft with either hand that’s available and you need your cover especially when you need your cover.

Ambidextrous fire selector is essential for when in crazy airsoft battle, Krytac is my favorite airsoft brand.

Alright you should be aware your only is good as your secondary airsoft weapon. So what you’re learning here is valuable to remember, you want to get the


What Is The Best Airsoft Pistol?

KWA M93R-2 Gas Blowback 6mm 32rd Full Metal Airsoft Pistol



Absolutely the real deal! Shoots 350 feet per second, has a folding forward hand grip to allow for better accuracy and has the extended clip. You’re going to want and a nice leg holster for super convenient access on the Fly.

You’re going to protect your body somehow during a battle, let’s start with your airsoft tactical helmet you want the


What Is The Best Airsoft Helmet?



This is one of the best airsoft tactical helmets with GoPro tactical helmet mount and rails for attaching tactical helmet accessories like the tactical helmet mounted lights, GoPros and other.

Along with your tactical helmet gopro mount you want a pair of these cool airsoft goggles they go great with the atairsoft helmet and they also double as snowboard goggles. When your on the mountain with your new snowboard.


What Is The Best Airsoft Goggles?

Fan Version Cooler Airsoft Regulator Goggles.


To finish protecting your face with a tactical airsoft mask you’re going to want to get the spike lab foldable Airsoft half face metal mesh mask u. S. Flag patch combo adjustable military tactical mask, It’s very comfortable and the coolest of cool airsoft masks.


What Is The Best Airsoft Face Mask?

SpikeLab Airsoft Half Face Metal Mask.


Okay so you’re going to need the best airsoft tactical vest to hold all your extra magazines and grenades. you’re going to want to get the


What Is The Best Airsoft Vest?

UTG 547 law enforcement tactical vest.



This UTG tactical vest has the best options for pockets everywhere you need them to be and it also comes with velcro sewn on for any extra tactical vest accessories. This is the best airsoft vest on the market and its a cheap airsoft tactical vest, save that $.

Your hands are your best friend in an airsoft battle. Your going to want to keep them protected and keep those Knuckles from getting busted up, we all know when you’re running around in battle your going to get busted up a little.

Pick yourself up the best airsoft gloves the


What Is The Best Airsoft Gloves?

Freetoo work gloves men protection gloves.


Alright it’s time to lace up the best airsoft boots, we’re going to slip into the Ultima OTB Maritime assault operators boot. These Boots are sweet they look cool, they act cool and they keep you cool.


Cheap Airsoft Boots?

Ultima OTB Maritime Assault Operators Boot.


These are cheap airsoft boots and worth more than the pennies you save, you will definitely be wearing these all day long even if your not shooting airsoft.

The enemy never even saw you coming, you raided their weapons stash: invisible mission accomplished with the right camo.

The camouflage that you want to go with is IDOGEAR men G3 assault Combat Uniform set w/knee pads camouflage.


What Is The Best Airsoft Camo?

IDOGEAR Men G3 Assault Combat Uniform.


This pair of Airsoft Tactical Pants and Airsoft Tactical Shirt Everyone rates them well, they just last forever, the’re comfortable to wear and the Tactical airsoft shirt is plenty breathable even when things heat up.

The nice thing about this is you can purchase these in combination which just makes it super easy you don’t have to worry about the camouflage patterns being slightly different.

Another great option for airsoft camouflage and it’ll piss off everybody who playing airsoft. The Arcturus Warrior ghillie suit camouflage hunting suit for men military Hunters snipers and Airsoft.


 Airsoft Camo?

Arcturus Warrior ghillie suit.



You could wear one of the airsoft ghillie suits and win all of the airsofts wars. They really work great to completely distort the outline of a human body fooling the eyes of everyone and win airsoft war.

To be pre-paired for airsoft battle World War 3 style you need your airsoft tactical belt, pack extra ammo and grenades. This will be the 5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt with Molle.


What Is The Best Airsoft Tactical Belt?

5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt with Molle.


This is a great airsoft belt with areas to attach any style pouch or holster and combination of mag pouches.

You’re going to want your camouflage airsoft pack. In this airsoft bag you will put all your extra ammo, water, best airsoft grenade, food, rations, magazines,best airsoft landmine, whatever you might need.

Just neatly store your airsoft gear in the best airsoft gear pack CVLIFE Military Tactical Backpack Army Rucksack and you’ll be ready for airsoft competition. Make sure you don’t forget to pack your airsoft mine grenades.

Airsoft Backpack , Airsoft backpacks?

CVLIFE Military Tactical Backpack Army Rucksack.


Alright now that you are 100% suited up with the best Airsoft World War 3 prep gear you’re ready to take on the question is there going to be a World War 3?

hopefully we will never know the answer but until then, get out your practice targets or the Pivotal Trainer turning Target system portable training system Precision range Target dry fire laser gun Airsoft air rifle pistol rifle simunition airsoft targets.


Airsoft Targets Shooting, Airsoft Gun Targets?



Get your airsoft gear weapons from this list and Start learning how to be quick to aim and slow to shoot.

I will join guys later on the battlefield. Thanks for reading.


What is your favorite Primary & Secondary Weapons choice?

Comment them below.

12 thoughts on “Best Airsoft World War 3 Prep, Is There Going To Be A World War 3?

  1. This looks very cool I must say. I am very happy that I found this post on all this awesome Airsoft equipments. You must have done some very good research to come up with this awesome post you have here. I think I should get those target training gadgets there. I also hope there won’t be a WW3. Nice post!

  2. This is a very good post and honestly, I think that I should get one of these gadgets especially the cammo jean and top. They look really great. Speaking about another world war, I dont think that anyone will want that to happen to them right now. This is a very good article that you have written. Nice one!

  3. Oh boy I hope WW3 doesn’t happen lol. I really like the helmets and masks the most on your list of best airsoft gear for prep. I honestly have not thought about it much but I know I should and I will now on. My boyfriend taught me how to play airsoft but so far I only got to use handguns and can’t wait to get an airsoft machine gun hehe. xoxo

  4. First thing first, I really pray that there won’t be a WW3 because that may actually spell the end of the world for the human race considering how technologically developed we have become and what we can do wiyhung the space if small seconds. Though the gadgets you have shared here on Airaoft are rally cool and I feel everyone should atleast get on for themselves as that can really become the game changer for them. Thanks

  5. From the start of the post i was first wondering would there be a world war 3, the world has gone beyond that level and dialogue is a better war than using weapon. I a big fan of Airsoft and these equipment are really nice. I haven’t paid attention to its products for some time and seeing there now with these cheap prices is quite amazing. The airsoft goggles are really nice. This is one very interesting post and its worth going on my social media page. Best regards.

    1. Hey thanks a lot Benson I appreciate the words. I Would be delighted if you shared this on your social media’s thank you so much. 

  6. Even as a lady, I have this great love for guns and its been there since i was very small. I don’t really fancy the big machine guns and AK’s, I always wanted to own a sniper gun. For me its the best anyone can have because you are not always involved with close combat your just on your own doing your thing. I pray there aren’t any more wars though.

  7. Hahaha I hear about world war 3 so much and the most recent one was supposed to be this past Monday I guess any day will be world war 3 now and with this equipment we might as well get prepared while having some fun. I like these airsofts and will do anything to get them the only problem I’m getting are the shipping costs to my country, will have to save more I guess.

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