5  Reasons To Buy A Toolbox/ 8 Best Toolboxes (Where To Buy).

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5  Reasons To Buy A Toolbox/ 8 Best Toolboxes (Where To Buy).


Ever since I was a little kid, I was collecting tools because I thought it was pretty cool. I was little handyman even though I was just a kid, a super super handy kid I was.

I just wanted to learn, to make sure I was able to Tinker on all my own stuff. I thought I could take a lot of pride in maintaining my own things and it made me happy.

By the time I was sixteen I was able to work on my own car. So honestly a toolbox is not only the best gift for guys it’s it’s probably the best gift for kids too.

Having a toolbox has really taught me a lot in life, whenever I had the chance I Was googling where to buy tools and putting them to good use.

I have five reasons for you why a toolbox is the best gift for guys.

The Inspiration behind coming up with this list was, I was thinking shoot I freaking hate crawling on my back a million times back and forth from the tool box to underneath the vehicle.

I use to have some rinky-dink cheap tool box that never worked properly and so I never even stored my tools all organized inside of it.

So I would just have to grab a handful of sockets and I would hope that one of them was the  right size and then I’m running back and forth over and over.

On the days one of my nieces or nephews are over when I don’t have tool organization things take twice as long.

They are trying to learn but when they grab tools out of the crappy unorganized box they  don’t learn  properly because they’re spending so much time looking for the right tool.

They usually giving up and just have to grab handfuls of tools, not know the proper size and go throw it on to check instead of having things quick and easy organized.


The Best Toolboxes Are.



1st Reason To Buy A Toolbox:

Toolbox box Organization / Garage Tool Organization.


With saying all that the first reason why toolbox is the best gift for guys. You  Crawl from under the car less and go back and forth to the toolboxes less.

You have better control over your organization. One of my favorite things about tool boxes as they have lots of drawers are going to organize all my tools


2nd Reason To Buy A Tool Box:

Lots of Drawers Varying In Size Fits All Your Needs.


Get your bottom drawers for heavy items that are big, anything that is power tools usually can just be tossed in the big bottom drawers w/ hammers, wedges wrenches whatever then as you go up to.

Get Organized w/ Smaller drawers, so you can put more organize sockets and smaller wrenches and screwdrivers and etc.

Then you have other miscellaneous size drawers some of these toolbox drawers they are just big open areas where you can have a catch-all to watch this all the way around pop-up Lids trays on top extended arms that come out for extended trays fantastic.


3rd Reason To Buy A ToolBox:

High Grade Bearings Modern Toolboxes Use High Grade Bearings,


Modern tool boxes have super high grade bearings.

One thing that makes a toolbox way Unorganized having crappy bearings/ the drawers start getting stuck, jamming and U get frustrating to open and close it all the time.

In a tool box as soon as those toolbox bearings go bad the toolbox goes bad. So super high grade quality bearings are now implemented in all the high-tech design tool boxes out there and I got.


4th Reason To Buy A Toolbox:

Toolboxes Have Heavy Duty Roller Wheels For Super Smooth Travel.


Tool boxes have heavy duty toolbox roller wheels. Toolbox wheels travel really smooth they usually last forever, at least the new tool boxes do.

You just drag them rolling around any concrete floor sometimes shops drag them through the gravel, they’re heavy so you’re probably not going to do that and it’s not recommended

Heavy duty Toolbox Wheels are a major major Improvement.


5th Reason To  Buy A Toolbox:

High Tech Toolboxes Come w/Electrical Plugins & Tool Box Speakers.


The Best Toolboxes Are.

  • Montezuma Tool Box, Montezuma Tool Chest.

  • Knaack Jobsite Box, Knaack Chest Box.

  • Kennedy Rolling Tool Box, Kennedy Tool Storage.

  • Extreme Tools Toolbox, Extreme Tool Box.

Finally the coolest thing about tool boxes nowadays and the fifth reason why tool boxes the best gift for guys a modern electric tool box has electric plug-ins.

All of your hand tools or anything that you need to recharge or need to operate with Power, you can just run your extension cords into one of the plugin rails along the toolbox.

For convenience they are integrated in different areas of the design. Powered tool box is one of the coolest things.

That’s not all now they got screens at the top so you can have something being watched in the background or if you need to watch your YouTube videos.



We’re all D.I.Y. mechanics nowadays, if you don’t know how to do it yourself or don’t know what you need to do.

Check YouTube for a visual solution, we all check YouTube don’t feel dumb if your learning.

You can fallow along YouTube and fix just about anything in the world. Whatever your project you will be glad you have your toolbox by your side.

Oh did I mention some toolboxes have speakers built in, so you can jam out while Your friends are over hanging out having a couple beers.

Maybe you wanna barbecue while tinkering around. If you look underneath the engine I might be there I don’t know?

Or I’ll probably be doing something with my dirt bike at least lubing up the sprocket and chain or cleaning the air filter, that’s real important.

Everything you need to get done is easy when you have your toolbox, so do you have your toolbox?

5 reasons the toolbox is the best gift for guys. There’s so many more left out, I will talk to you guys later think I’m going to go to bed.



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5 thoughts on “5  Reasons To Buy A Toolbox/ 8 Best Toolboxes (Where To Buy).

  1. Thank you kind sir for the good ideas, my son wants a toolbox for christmas and I had no idea where to start. I really like the Montezuma toolboxes you linked me to. Thanks again

  2. Hi Codey, I thank you for this article, with Christmas around the corner I was thinking a toolbox may be on the list for either my brother or grandson. I really like Kennedy.

     I really had no idea they could come with speakers and power, I think the grandson would love that especially with the ability to watch Youtube. I can see where any man would love that!!

     Going to bookmark this page for future reference and try and sneak it into conversation with my grandson for his reaction. I am sure it won’t blow his mind as much as it did mine.  

    Thanks again and Blessings,


  3. Speakers in a tool box?
    Now that rocks😜
    But seriously nice article, makes total sense about the bearings, great point. I think I’m going to get one of these for my hubby.

    1. I would definitely say bearings and the ease of opening the drawers without hassle is the most important function with a toolbox.

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